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House scales back K-12 increase

But tries to advance major components of 2009’s ESHB 2261

In the news:

The House of Representatives passed a budget late Thursday night with scaled back investments in K-12 education. It then passed a bill that would end seven tax breaks (out of more than 600) and roll the revenue into K-12 and higher education, with a focus on job skills and career preparation.

Through the bills the House essentially said: This is how far we are willing to go at fully funding basic education with current revenue. We would like to put in more and propose ending tax breaks to do so.

The new proposed spending levels for K-12 are similar to what the Senate proposed during the general session, but the House more intentionally spreads it across key components of basic education funding reform. Those include increased access to full-day kindergarten and smaller K-3 class sizes, increased instructional time in middle and high school, increased allotments for counselors and family engagement coordinators, and increased allotments to transitional bilingual and learning assistance programs — as well as investments in maintenance, supplies and operating costs, and student transportation. In contrast, the Senate put the bulk of increased funding into transportation and into maintenance, supplies and operating costs.

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Ramona Hattendorf
Government relations coordinator
Washington State PTA

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