Volunteers needed soon for…

Bike Unit in PE! This happens several times throughout the school year. Look at our blog for info. when help is needed.

Roller Skating PE Unit: Each year PE teacher Erik Jokinen hosts a roller skating unit. He relies on volunteer help to be able to do this.  The kids have lots of fun doing this, but need a little help finding the right size skates and protective gear. We need two adults per shift. Even just one shift is helpful, or help the whole day. This is lots of fun and can’t happen without volunteers! Please call the LMS office to help or for more info.

Staff Appreciation week is the first week in May.  We could really use your help with this! Please contact us if you like to make people feel special. Just another way to support our wonderful staff. (They really do appreciate our efforts, even if they don’t want us fussing over them!:-)

OTHER: We are looking for additional ways to support parents, students and staff, and new ways for all parents to feel more connected with their children’s school and education. What would help your family? Ideas? Please let us know!

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