Cool Projects

Here are some of the cool things happening at LMS:

We don’t just have the traditional sports taught and played in PE at LMS, there are a wide variety of sports and fun! Students enjoyed playing Disc Golf last week. This is a game where players throw a disc (frisbee) at a target, traversing a course from beginning to end, trying to get there in the fewest number of throws of the disc.

8th graders enjoy the biking unit in PE earlier this fall …

This was made possible through a grant written by Eric Jokinen, 8th grade PE teacher at LMS. Learning proper bike safety is a great thing for all kids and we live in a great place to ride bikes. Thank Erik next time you see him!

LMS’s first annual Science Fair (4/19) was well attended! All grades participated and there were many very interesting and clever projects! Great work everyone!











Mrs. Gilbert’s 6th grade math students have recently begun a new money education curriculum that is being incorporated into their daily class time. This new program, donated by the LMS PTSA via a recent grant, challenges students to learn the value of money through the use of rewards and charges. Students get play money for completing work, neat work, good grades, proper behavior etc.

They are “charged” to use the bathroom, borrow supplies, visit their lockers etc.  Each student has a classroom wallet and register to keep track of their “money”. With societies high use of credit and debit cards, many students today do not know the value of our different coins. The class would love more things to buy – such as school supplies like pencils, or even treats like cookies. If you can supply anything, please contact the LMS office or Mrs. Gilbert directly.

Mr. Stelling’s 6th grade Science classes recently completed a project on Fungi. The kids did some amazing flyers and had fun learning about these organisms!

Mrs. Kizer and Mrs. Bakeman’s 7th grade Social Studies classes just finished giving presentations and sharing artifacts, food etc. from their chosen country of their Passport Project. The kids not only leaned about other countries, they also learned presentation skills, how to plan and prepare, and organization skills. You can be sure that these skills will be useful in high school and beyond!

Last year, Mr. Freundlich’s science classes built a rain garden to divert rainwater away from the science building. Come check it out!

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