Ideas and interest

Don’t see something that sounds appealing to help with on this website? Have other ideas on how to support either teachers, parents or students?

Please email us if you are interested in volunteering in anyway. Even once! Please include what you are interested in or any ideas you have, and email: danielledklein @

If you would rather let us know via our website instead of via email, please leave your name and contact info. here (form below).  Please indicate what you are interested in or any ideas you may have. Someone will contact you as soon as possible. Please be advised that this is a public site and your info. will be public.

Another way is to join us for our monthly meetings.  Everyone is welcome! We meet the 4th Tues. of each Month  at 2:30pm in the school library. Or call the school office and leave your name and phone no. with Mary Eaton and she will pass it on to us.

We’d love to see you at school and/or hear your ideas!


2 Responses to Ideas and interest

  1. chun lin says:

    i would like to get some information about ptsa and activities. please contact me at 360-969-0285. thank you

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