Minutes from February 11th General Meeting

Langley Middle School PTSA General Meeting     February 11, 2015

This meeting was called to order by Shawn Nolin at 11:45 AM

In attendance:

Shawn Nolin, Jamie Zundel, Danielle Klein, Kym Saephan, Erin Simms, Mary Bakeman, Janine Courtright, Debbie Daumen, Lisa Davis, Rosemarie Donnelly, Mary Eaton, Kathy Gianni, Sandy Gilbert, John Terhar, Susan Milan, Eric Merino, Erik Jokinin, Erik Stine, Sally Thompson, Don Zisette

Review of June 2014 Minutes

1st Shawn, 2nd Jamie

Report of the Treasurer

·         Review of Amended budget sheet for members to approve

·         Shawn explained out shorter than normal Budget amount for grants and other items due to a late start to form a PTSA this year.

·         The amended budget was viewed by all present and voted on

·         There was a unanimous vote of yes to approve the amended budget for the year 2014/15


·         Another ballot was passed around to vote on PTSA board members.  It was a unanimous yes vote to approve Shawn Nolin as PTSA President, Jamie Zundel as PTSA Treasurer and Danielle Klein as PTSA Secretary.

Executive Committee Reports

·         Membership: We are up to 32 registered PTA members as of Feb. 2015.

·         Fundraising:  The PTSA will be selling pizza, salad and desserts at the LMS Science Fair March 3rd.  Science Fair starts at 6:30. More details to be communicated next week.

·         Testing Week:  The PTSA has been tasked with providing healthy snacks for the students during testing week in May.  Further communication will sent out when we get closer to testing week.

PTSA Grant Report

·         Three grant applications were submitted and all three were approved for a total of 1529.25.  This leaves 470.75 as of Feb. 11, 2015.  We will be earning more grant money from the food sales at the Science Fair in March.


·         Science Fair March 3rd 6:30-8:00 School Cafeteria Pizza, Salad and Dessert will be sold.

New Business:

·         Danielle Klein would like to lend Erik Stein their Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robot so that the students will have more than the one he going to buy using grant money.

Meeting adjourned 12:45PM

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