Readiness To Learn funding in Jeopardy!

RTL Funding is in Jeopardy!
Advocate for your Readiness To Learn!  Everyone’s voice is needed.  Washington state legislators have tucked Readiness To Learn (RTL) funds into a budget category that will destroy all 88 programs across the state.  Likely, the legislative representatives do not know the ramifications of this action. We think that with further information they will restore RTL to its previous budget category. Here are the facts:


1.     The state distributes $3.269 million to 88 school districts each year through a competitive grant process.  Those districts have consistently leveraged an additional  $9.426 million annually to be combined with state dollars and used to serve students at risk of academic failure.


2.      Readiness To Learn participates in an outcome based evaluation and the results indicate that at-risk students who participate in RTL are staying in school and their grades are improving.


3.     Currently the budget places RTL funding under Learning Assistance Programs (LAP).  LAP’s funding structure and restrictions do not allow the types of expenses RTL programs require in order to provide services.  RTL’s services remove barriers to learning for students who are struggling due to economical problems and coordinated community supports.


4.     Readiness To Learn requires the building of a community network.  It is not a service to buy, such as tutoring. RTL programs have 20 years of investment in community partnerships and garnering matching funds. This will be eliminated under LAP.


Local impact: 1,616 students’ lives have been improved by RTL funds in Island County and Stanwood Area


Advocacy – Quick Statements:  “Please use the House budget plan to fund RTL” or “please take RTL out from under LAP and back in the budget as previously funded and recommended by the House.”


Advocacy – Longer Statement: If you feel comfortable please elaborate with the above four points.


Who do I contact, and how?  Either by phone or email (

if by email make sure it is short and simple) The Senators and Representatives below are a six-person committee that will be making the final budget recommendations for both the House and Senate to vote on. Your input NOW, before they make a final recommendation is needed appreciated and will make a difference in the lives of children. 

Senator Andy Hill


(360) 786-7672


Senator James Hargrove


(360) 786-7646

Fax: (360) 786-1323


Senator Sharon Nelson


(360) 786-7667


Rep. Ross Hunter


(360) 786-7936


Rep. Timm Ormsby


(360) 786-7946


Rep. Gary Alexander


(360) 786-7824


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