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One bill protects K-12; another cuts its funding
Dear PTA advocates,

Today the House fixed a technicality in the estate tax that (after court interpretation) would have given married couples a pass, but taxed singles. Without the fix, the state would have to refund about $138 million. And since the tax flows into the Education Legacy Trust Account, the refund comes at the expense of school kids.

The Senate will consider a similar fix, but its bill goes on to raise the exemption and cut collections – at a time when the state is under court order to pay for its program of basic education. Washington State PTA is asking the legislature to fund education before reducing revenue. Yes HB 2064. No SB 5939

The tax in question not only survived an initiative to repeal in 2006, it won supermajority support from voters.

Please click here to take action.

More information: WSPTA to Senate: Fund education before reducing revenue.


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