Message to Olympia

Invest and prepare students for life

  • Yes to policy bills that support reading and career and college readiness for all students. E2SSB 5237 and SHB 1692
  • Yes to reviewing tax preferences and making adjustments to support K-12 and higher education. HB 2028
  • Yes, to a budget that uses a balanced approach, identifies stable revenue, and charts out a linear path to fully funding K-12 education while maintaining programs that keep children healthy, safe and fed and that get our youngest ready for kindergarten.

Message to Olympia:

Invest in early learning (defined as birth through third grade) and give all children a strong foundation. Invest in middle and high school to give them access to courses that will prepare them for career or college. Cover other basic K-12 costs that are going underfunded — or clearly identify when full funding for them will be phased in.

Click here to take action and send an email to your legislators.

A message to members:

Washington State PTA’s legislative priorities align with the House revenue approach to the 2013-15 operations budget as well as to key education policy bills intended to support all learners and raise the bar for all children by giving each the opportunity to complete a 24-credit diploma that aligns with career or college requirements.

Basic education includes reading, a strong foundation in the K-3 years, and access to courses in middle and high school that prepare children to compete in today’s economy and meaningfully participate in our democracy.

As this legislative session moves into negotiations and leaders in Olympia make choices that will either create or shut off opportunities for our children, we have prioritized some key end-of-session bills, including ones that identify revenue resources needed for increased education spending and to maintain programs that keep kids healthy, safe and fed. Please read on for bills, rationale, and context.

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Ramona Hattendorf
Government relations coordinator
Washington State PTA

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