Graduation Requirements


Every high-schooler deserves enrichment

Please – no to HB 1656; how is “less science and no electives” a win for kids?

Graduation requirements that Washington State PTA supports:

  • Career- and college-ready plan developed by the State Board of Education and embedded in the program of basic education; currently on hold pending funding
  • 17 core academic credits
  • 7 flexible credits
  • Students must attempt 24 credits; complete 22 to graduate
  • This brief video explains the plan we support


For years, Washington State PTA has been working to improve basic education and get the state to pay for the foundation kids need to pursue paths after high school. We thought we did it when we helped pass House Bill 2261 in 2009. Key to that reform effort was embedding the 24-credit career- and college-ready diploma into the program of basic education.

Fast forward four years and this state still doesn’t pay for a basic six-period day. And not only are the promised 24-credit career- and college-ready graduation requirements on hold, every year legislation is introduced to knock a few classes out of the mix.

This year’s effort takes aim at arts, science, world languages and electives.

House Bill 1656 has good intent in that it wants to promote career and technical education. But the State Board of Education’s requirements ALSO promote career and technical education, plus they build in room for kids to explore. Some teens know exactly what they want; many need time.

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Ramona Hattendorf
Government relations coordinator
Washington State PTA

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