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Bills are moving: What we’re watching …

… And how you can weigh in

Topics: Discipline; “grading” schools; accountability for reading; epi-pens; safe school buildings; school takeovers; assistance and intervention; starting age for school children; changes to basic education; definition of a school day; family involvement coordinators; responding to troubled youth

IN THE NEWS: House divided on K-12 school funding priority; rejects GOP initiative to budget education first

Dear advocates,

The legislative session is in full swing with bills starting to move out of committee. Funding remains a big question with House Democrats refusing to fund education first and separately in the budget process and Senate Republicans more interested in pursuing additional reforms. House Republicans won’t talk about revenue if it is tied to basic education, and Senate Democrats might talk about revenue, but they are no longer in the majority.

On the policy side, though, the bills are moving in both chambers. Both House and Senate show an interest in closing the opportunity gaps and continuing support for our state’s preschool program.

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Ramona Hattendorf
Government relations coordinator
Washington State PTA


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