Please complete short district survey – if you have not already

Survey Snapshot-in Time

Please take a moment and complete this survey. This survey has been delivered to every household within the district. You may complete the survey online by clicking this link:  Or you can copy and paste from this page, print and mail in to the district: SWSD, 5520 Maxwelton Rd., Langley,WA 98260.

Your opinion matters. All answers are confidential. Thank you! 

Let’s get the BIG picture!

Stand back and view the South Whidbey School District from 30,000 feet. Look at what is going on from your individual unique perspective – inside and out, its presence and impact in our community, up and down the island and beyond. This is your “snapshot-in-time.”

1. How would you describe the school district in these times?

2. What’s most impressive to you about what you see?

3. What is disappointing to you from this vantage point?

4. What most excites you as you look out on the horizon-trends, challenges and opportunities?

5. Think about a highpoint experience for you that exemplifies the essence of the School District for you.  Briefly describe the circumstances. What made it so significant for you?

6. As you look to the future, in your wildest imagination, what’s possible for the District and our students?

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