100 Club in PE

The National Fitness Standard for the cardiovascular pacer test is a score of 30-40 for a healthy 6-8th grade student.  Obtaining a score of 100 or more is off the charts healthy and very difficult to accomplish unless you are in peak physical condition.  At Langley Middle School we now have 37 students who have broken 100.  Please take the time to congratulate them on their excellent physical condition!!  The members of the 100 CLUB are:

6th grade: Grace Callahan, Emma Leggett, Andrew Tangeman, Graham Collar, Cody Newman, Farriss Jokinen, & Lily Timms

7th Grade: Hank Papritz, Andrew Baesler, Alex Low,Ari Rohan, Julian  Fifield, Jared Hughes, Lewis Pope, Sofia Nielson, & Elizabeth Donnelly

8th Grade: Cory Ackerman, Fionna Callahan, Bethany Justus, Matt Milano, Jack Nielson, Riley Yale, Connor Antich, Colby Brasher, Justin Gonzalez, Athan Seyler, Dylan Woodward, Leah Rostov, Megan Drake, Kinsey Eager, Bayley Gochanhour, Tyler Heggness, Anna Leski, Sophia Morgan, Austin Sterba, Ian Saunsacie & …

the new school record holder at 140,  Will Simms!

Congratulations to everyone!!


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