Judge says I-1053 Unconstitutional

A message from the League of Education Voters:

This morning, a King County judge ruled Initiative 1053 is unconstitutional.

The judge’s decision is critical in making sure our kids have all the resources they need to get an excellent education. LEV was founded on the principle that our kids deserve fully funded schools, and that is why we agreed to become the lead plaintiff in this lawsuit.

I-1053 requires a supermajority of the Legislature to raise taxes or close tax loopholes.

The Court held that only the state Constitution can establish rules for determining whether passage of a law requires a simple majority or a super majority vote. Those rules can’t be changed by the passage of a law, whether through the legislature or by the people enacting an initiative. The Court noted that the Washington Constitution established super majority requirements for a number of types of laws, but not for tax increases.

The lawsuit was brought by a broad coalition concerned about education funding, including LEV, the WEA, parents, teachers and school administrators and state legislators.

We expect the case to go to the Supreme Court. Our attorneys plan to ask for expedited review so that the case can be heard prior to the start of the next legislative session.

For today, it’s a court decision that kids, teachers and education supporters can love.

Thank you for all you do for our kids,

Chris Korsmo
League of Education Voters CEO

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