Senate leaders announce no cuts to education!

From Washington State PTA: Senate budget a big step forward

-Today state Senate leaders made a welcomed first step in meeting their paramount duty to fund education. They announced a no cuts approach to K-12, and they promised immediate progress toward fully funding Basic Education, as promised in 2009’s House Bill 2261.

“This reaffirms our key message: Kids come first,” said Novella Fraser, Washington State PTA president. “Kids need a great basic education, and they need it fully funded. We see inadequate funding for schools play out on a very personal level. We know the kids who are not reading well and we work with the staff struggling to support them. The schools are stressed, staffs are stressed, and volunteers are stressed. Finally, we’re seeing a commitment to invest in kids’ future.”

Washington State PTA remains concerned about programs that support children and will work to make sure safeguards are in place to keep kids healthy and safe.

In addition to holding off on all K-12 and higher education cuts, the Senate proposal invests $32 million in reducing K-3 class sizes and allots funds to implement new evaluation systems that focus on student and professional growth.

Full press release

 Ramona Hattendorf
Government relations coordinator
Washington State PTA

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