Grants awarded!

Today we were pleased to award our 2012 grants to staff at LMS. Nearly everyone that requested a grant got something, although not necessarily in full. We are grateful to have the support of members, the community and funds to be able to give out just over $3,000 this year. Here are some details:

  • Mrs. Bakeman’s 6th & 7th grade Social Studies classes will get erasable cool cubes for reviewing geography terms, branches of gov., countries etc.
  • Mrs. Edwards got some money to buy new books for the LMS library.
  • Ms. Foley received funds to buy new cases for two saxophones.
  • Mrs. Gianni can buy some supplies and equipment for her cooking classes.
  • Mr. Gianni received funds toward an adventure education field trip.
  • Mrs. Gilbert will be purchasing a curriculum for her 6th grade math students called “Understanding Money through Experience”.
  • Mr. Jokinen received funds for new wrist, elbow and knee guards for inline skating in PE
  • Mrs. Kizer/Mrs. Bakeman’s 7th grade language arts classes will get some new dictionaries and thesauruses.
  • Mr. Ratekin will buy a class set of local author Drew Kampion’s book “From Surfing to Tsunami”.
  • Ms. Ross received funds to purchase a “K’NEX Amusement Park Experience” curriculum for her 7th grade science students.
  • Mr. Stelling received some funds towards a square dance curriculum for PE.
  • Ms. Woods will get to take her lifeskills class to a restaurant in Langley to experience ordering, budgeting, paying, and tipping.

If you have any questions about any of these grants, or the grant process, feel free to email us.


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