A message from Washington Education Association

On Nov. 28, 2011 — the first day of the special session — we sent hundreds, if not thousands, of e-mails, Facebook postings and text messages to legislators. Pictures of educators wearing red spoke louder than words: No more cuts. Listen to the professional voice. One legislator said it was the most impressive lobbying technique he had seen.

Let’s do it again.

On the first day of the upcoming session, Jan. 9, put on your red shirt and send an e-mail to Olympia. No education cuts! On Tuesday, put on your red sweater and send a text to your legislator in Olympia and ask him or her to listen to educators. School by school, building by building, do it again on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. As our representatives begin their deliberations make sure they hear from the education community.

Each of us needs to do our part over the next 60 days. Sign up to be part of WEA’s Action Team atwww.OurVoiceWashingtonEA.org. Talk to your family, friends and neighbors about the importance of protecting our students from any further budget cuts or policies that won’t make our schools stronger. Attend legislative town hall meetings and speak up about education. Work with your local leadership to come to Olympia to lobby in person.

Thanks! Mary Lindquist, WEA

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