A big win for Washington Students

We did it!

Earlier today, the state Supreme Court said the state is not fulfilling its paramount constitutional duty to “amply fund” public education. And the Supreme Court also made it clear today: Funding public education is the state’s highest priority — and the state legislature cannot delay or sidestep any longer.

This is a big win for Washington students and schools!

For nearly a decade, WEA and its partners in the Network for Excellence in Washington Schools (NEWS) have been arguing that public education in our state is woefully underfunded. Our students and schools can no longer bear the impact of further funding cuts. Today, the state Supreme Court agreed.

Now the responsibility for taking action and correcting this injustice to our children is where it belongs: With the state legislature. The legislature can no longer punt on full funding for public education. The Supreme Court has made it clear: No more excuses; no more delays.

There’s one thing you can do to help make today’s decision even sweeter. Please take three minutes to send a message to your legislators telling them you won’t stand for cuts to education funding.

Our legislators need to hear from us today. As they get ready to go into session next week, our legislators need to know, plain and simple, “No more excuses; no more delays; no more cuts. It’s time to fully fund public education.”

Will you take three minutes to send that message? It WILL make a difference.

Thank you,
Mary Lindquist, WEA president

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