LMS Teachers have RSS Feeds!

What is an RSS Feed anyway? Basically it is a way to get an email sent to you when a web site you are interested in posts something new.  For this LMS PTSA website, you will find the RSS Feed sign up on the lower right side, just above the calendar. Click on “sign me up” and then any time a new post is made, you will get an email with a preview of the newly added post.  If you want, click the link in the email to go directly to the page on the site to read the full post. Just about every teachers at LMS has an RSS feed sign-up on their web page. This eliminates you having to check their page every day. Then when they post new content on their pages, usually assignment pages or blogs about what they did in school that day, you will get an email alert.

After going to your child’s teacher’s webpage via the school’s page, click on a page or blog with an RSS feed button at the top. Click on that. If you don’t have a Yahoo, Google or MSM mail account, you can still sign up. Copy the RSS feed link on the sign up page and paste manually into your mail program. For Mac users running Mail, click “File” in the Mail program, then click “Add RSS Feed”. Paste it there. It’s easy!

If you know how to do this on a PC and are willing to post a comment about it here, we would be so grateful!


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