Contact your legislators!

In public school districts around the state, school leaders are making the painful decision to hand out pink slips to our teachers.

Parents are outraged that the state continues to cut school budgets, leading to these awful decisions. But parents also wonder: Are these the right teachers?

Take Action: Help school leaders keep effective teachers.

Current policy means teachers are let go on a “last in, first out” basis regardless of their effectiveness in the classroom. Since we know putting an effective teacher in the classroom is the best thing we can do to improve student achievement, shouldn’t we rethink this policy?

State lawmakers are considering legislation, Senate Bill 5959, to end the “last in, first out” policy when it comes to teacher layoffs. I encourage you to contact your legislators and urge them to end this policy.

If layoffs occur due to budget cuts, school leaders should be able to keep teachers based on their effectiveness. This is one change that will help improve outcomes for children.

Kelly Munn
League of Education Voters

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