Let your legislators know that properly funding education is critical!

From our State PTA:

This year’s session of the Washington State Legislature is scheduled to end on April 24th, and now that the session end is in sight the realities of the state’s budget woes are setting in.  Both the House and the Senate this week proposed budgets that, if enacted, would cut hundreds of millions of dollars from current state funding for K-12 education.  For the most part, the cuts are in funds that the state has provided to local school districts to use as they see fit, so the impact on your children will depend on how your school district implements the cuts.  While the final budget numbers are still being debated, it’s clear that cuts of the magnitude being considered will result in layoffs of teachers and support staff, larger class sizes and fewer options for kids.  If you’re concerned about the impacts on the children in your community, you can send a message to your legislators and the Governor via our Legislative Action Center.  Click on the “Take Action” button to see a message that you can tailor to your own liking, then fill in your name and email and your message will be sent to both of your State Representatives and your State Senator.  You can also receive periodic updates from our Grassroots Connection – to sign up, click here and then on “Online Listserv Signup Form.”

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