Sign WEA’s Resolution

The latest National Education Association (NEA) rankings report came out last month, and it isn’t good.

Washington’s class sizes are the third-worst in the United States. Overcrowded classes prevent us from giving students the attention and help they need.

That’s why we’re renewing the focus on class size in Olympia. Despite the budget cuts, legislators DO have a choice in the budget decisions they make.

We’re urging them to stop using the high school assessment as a graduation requirement and to use the savings — nearly $50 million — to protect K-4 students from overcrowded classes.

WEA is launching a resolution campaign called Stop Crowding Our Kids’ Classrooms.

You can help focus the Legislature on what really matters — kids in the classroom. Go to www.OurVoiceWashingtonEA.organd print the Stop Crowding Our Kids’ Classroomsresolution. Then sign it, and get five other people at your school to do the same. Mail it back to me, and we’ll deliver it to our elected leaders in Olympia in April.

If you are a local association leader, there’s a version of the resolution your local can adopt. And if you prefer, you can even sign the resolution online. You also can find other materials and supporting information.

It’s all at WEA’s political engagement website,

Thank you for your advocacy.

Mary Lindquist
WEA President

P.S. For the latest news about education in Washington and other states, visit

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