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Your state lawmakers convened in Olympia today for the start of the 2011 legislative session. In the next 105 days, they will pass laws and approve a new state budget that closes a $4.6 billion shortfall.

Our job at LEV will be to inform and engage you about what’s happening in Olympia that will affect your kids and schools. We have already prepared several resources to help:

Session 2011 webpage: This is your one-stop shop for the latest news, an education bill tracker and our legislative agenda. The site features a “Leg for Dummies” section for frequently asked questions about how the Legislature works.

Online State Budget Calculator
: How will state lawmakers balance the budget? The budget calculator gives you the opportunity to fund your priorities and make tough decisions about what to cut.

Issue Papers: How is K-12 funded? What are Common Core Standards? Our issue papers address “hot topics” that will come up during the legislative session.

Again, we are here to help you understand how the 2011 session will impact kids and education. If you have any questions, send us an email atinfo@educationvoters.org and we will find you some answers.


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